Kitchen @atnumber16 by Jamie Blake


Designed to impress and be used as a hardworking family kitchen.

Our client Lauren of @lalovesblog and @atnumber16 wanted to create a home that would meet the needs of her busy young family. She also envisaged the space to be used for creative workshops, photo shoots and the like.


The materials used were intentionally reserved and honest, pared back, organic in origin and finish.

An area that needed some thought was the dominant garden facing wall which stretches the entire length of the room. It needed to house much needed storage while not emphasising a dominant "kitchen feel" per se.

The client required a desk area, a bar and a feature larder. Space was not the issue, the challenge was in how we dressed the cabinetry. We created a stunning feature wall that forms a foundation to the room that compliments both the kitchen and lounge. We achieved this by using an oak strip detail applied in relief which conceals the cabinet interiors as well as hiding a WC.

Being able to tidy and hide away different aspects of the room when not in use allows for different moods and functions within the same space.

The desk area is used by the kids for supervised homework. Once the kids are in bed friends are invited around and the desk space and larder are shut away. The bar then opens up!

Expansive glazing meant concealed air conditioning units were a must. We placed them in the feature wall behind discrete routed details allowing optimal air flow into the room as well as keeping the bulky, unattractive units out of sight.

The textured, roughly sawn timber draw fronts were combined with a hardwearing Silestone worktop. The splash-back and cooker hood were dressed in natural Carrara marble, softening the surrounding white cabinetry.

At Blake's our fundamental design ethos is to remain unconstrained by the typical interior design rule of three. This project allowed us to explore the different use of materials and how they compliment each other. We believe a considered combination of numerous different materials, textures and tones, more often than not, offers a depth of character and a visually pleasing result.

We drew from our curated supplier network and sourced chunkier brass handles imported from the US. These were complemented by using a feature brass recess to the base cabinets. We clad the extractor in brass which was intentionally left raw to patinate over time.

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Move over Green, Blue is back - It never really left! by Jamie Blake

Of late there has been a notable transformation in colour, a new direction. One could be forgiven for thinking the love affair with blue is seemingly coming to an end or is it?

Increasingly when working closely with interior designers, we are manufacturing kitchens & joinery using a greener palette, and therefore interior design publications are increasingly drawing our clients attention to dark earthy green colours as an alternative to the deep blues. For the foreseeable future we will see clients embrace and start to request greens with increasing confidence; however, dismiss blue at your peril! Darker shades of blue will remain elegant and timeless. The renaissance of blue will be in its use as an accent colour, in more unusual tones and textures. Below I have outlined some examples of the evolution of blue.

The darker hue will still be featuring prominently but less so a whole kitchens painted darker but as a feature complimenting veneers, and other joinery.

Darker walls will still be feature prominently in feature rooms etc

Dark blue stained veneered cabinetry - complimenting the timber veneers and the natural stone worktops

Feature blue drawers internally in the larder offers a punch of colour

Feature blue drawers internally in the larder offers a punch of colour

Dark stained timber vanity fronts complimenting the marble and brass tones

Dark stained timber vanity fronts complimenting the marble and brass tones

A newer trend of lighter/fresher shades of the palette beginning the movement into teals and lighter greens. These combined with darker accents in worktops, accompanying furniture, walls, wallpapers etc.

A lighter shade of blue // teal complimenting the darker colour

A lighter shade of blue // teal complimenting the darker colour

Navy blue feature carpet


A lovely lighter blue which will be a refreshing addition to the palette

Our teal dresser - a great colour will be featuring prominently in 2019

Blue will continue to feature and dominate in materiality. Think blue slip tiles, mosaics, blue-based veneers and fabric accents.

Teal tiling

Dark blue tiling and teal upholstery - banquette seating


Dark blue veneers

Earthenware tiles - splash-backs

See below for the colours I am championing and presenting - 


Farrow & Ball - De Nimes

Farrow & Ball - Inchyra Blue

Paint & Paper Library - Blue Blood


Paint & Paper Library - Teal

Little Greene - Tea with Florence

Paint & Paper Library - Blue Gum


Paint & Paper - Stable Green

Farrow & Ball - Treron

Paint & Paper - Hunter Dunn